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"Shannon, we are very happy to let you know that we have been awarded the Response & Recovery Grant! Thank you very much for your abilities, you are a Godsend! Again thank you from NMRC and  we are very grateful for coming across you!" 

Arthur J. Harvey, President

Nebraska Minority Resource Center



"Shannon, we are very happy to let you know that we have been awarded the Response & Recovery Grant! Thank you very much for your abilities, you are a Godsend! Again thank you from NMRC and  we are very grateful for coming across you!" 

-Arthur J. Harvey, President/CEO Nebraska Minority Resource Center

“Shannon served as Generation Found’s primary social media strategist and digital outreach consultant. Her ideas, creativity, and passion help the independent film reach hundreds of thousands of people and advance school-based recovery options for young people across the country.

— Greg Williams, Executive Vice President of Facing Addiction

“In January 2017, Shannon began working as FFR’s only grant writer and in that role, she has written and won the SAMHSA Recovery Community Services Program-Statewide Network grant ($450,000) and a SAPTA grant under the Women’s Set Aside Funds for $107,000, which allowed FFR to launch the Women’s Success Program and provide peer recovery support services to underserved women engaged in the criminal justice in Southern Nevada. Shannon managed most of the grant reporting aspects for the Women’s Success Program in 2017 and helped FFR to win an additional $104,000 in funding for this program in Fiscal Year 2018

— Dona Dmitrovic, Executive Director, Foundation for Recovery


“Shannon was wonderful to work with. She is a self-starter. She was always willing to go above and beyond to make the organization better. She is passionate about what she does, which makes her achieve amazing results.

— Adam Cohen, CEO at Odyssey House


“Shannon and I have worked together in a professional capacity and I have always been impressed by her sheer intellect and charismatic demeanor. She is incredibly talented and a true pleasure to work with.

— Kenneth O' Rourke, CEO, Embodhi Recovery


“We appreciate the very good work that Shannon is doing on the Recovery Africa website. It has assisted so much with networking with the likes of Kolmac, Caron, EAP Professionals Association and others.

— Dan O' Laughlin, Founder, Recovery Africa


“Shannon was selected to present at CCAR’s Multiple Pathways of Recovery Conference in Florida on ‘Creativity in Recovery for Optimal Health and Well-Being’. During her presentation, she demonstrated her oral articulateness and explained her views very concisely and gave supporting arguments that were both clear and persuasive. She is highly intelligent and has good analytical skills.

— Phil Valentine, CCAR Conneticut, Executive Director


“As with all the very best memoirs, it’s what Shannon Egan has to say about common truth and hidden secrets that resonates the most. Shannon’s journey is a gripping story about love-of-self, loss-of-self, ambition, failure, religious indoctrination and escaping the mental chains that hold us as people, us as tribes, and us as nations captive. Shannon’s writing is fast-paced, vivid, and absolutely rooted in self-discovery. No Tourists Allowed should be a required reading for every addict who has spent a lifetime fighting their demons through the foggy lens of religious indoctrination.

— Brian Lee Durfee, The Forgetting Moon--Simon & Schuster 2016

“As a Clinical Outreach Representative at Las Vegas Recovery Center, I have times when I’m working on City, State and Federal Grant contracts in association with Foundation For Recovery. Through this Grant process I have had contact with Shannon Egan who’s one of the greatest resources for grant review and application submittals for LVRC. Her professionalism and knowledge in this area is a godsend to LVRC’s success in this area.

— Reade Hulburd, Clinical Outreach Representative, Las Vegas Recovery Center

“Shannon has excellent skills and is a self starter. She is enthusiastic, energetic and easy to work with.

— Dora Dantzler Wright, Executive Director at Chicago Recovering Communities Coalition

“Shannon served as IRIN’s primary stringer in Khartoum and she provided accurate and compelling coverage of both anticipated and spontaneous news for print and online media. Her writing is powerful and thought-provoking, and she is a highly skilled communicator who is passionate about current events, and who is driven and proactive in their approach to work.

— Erich Ogoso, UN OCHA - Yemen

“While Shannon worked for me, she provided critical news coverage for major events, such as the 18th Arab League Summit and the 6th African Union Summit. She proved she is excellent at generating fresh ideas and uncovering insight. She was a hard worker and dedicated to interviewing local sources and turning the material into interesting, accurate and effective stories.

— Jon Sheridan, Editor-in-Cheif, Al Bab Magazine Sudan

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