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Shannon Egan provides national social media training for Recovery Community Organizations to know how to expand their reach and, in turn, empower their communities and increase their impact. 




In the modern era, social media serves as a potent tool to counteract the sensational and degrading portrayals of individuals trapped in the downward spiral of addiction perpetuated by mass media. By employing effective social media marketing strategies, recovery organizations can eradicate shame and secrecy, challenge deeply ingrained social stigmas, and authentically share their brand's unique narrative while forging personal connections with their target audience.

Shannon is a seasoned expert in the field of social media marketing, offering a comprehensive range of services, which include:

  • Content Development: Shannon will skillfully craft innovative and compelling content for your social media platforms, enabling you to narrate your distinctive story, engage visitors, and expand your fanbase. Each post will be strategically designed to generate leads for your programs, services, and fundraising campaigns.

  • Social Media Management: If you require assistance in executing your social media strategy, Shannon specializes in strategic branding, identifying and leveraging the social media platforms that have the greatest impact on your brand. You can expect customized content calendars, community building and engagement, integrated paid campaigns, and comprehensive conversion reports.

  • Social Media Audit: A thorough social media audit will evaluate your existing social media strategy and analyze its effectiveness (or lack thereof) when compared to your competitors. The insights derived from the audit will furnish valuable findings and opportunities for your brand to attain its social media objectives.

  • Social Advertising: Employing strategic social media advertising, Shannon will utilize creative concepts and valuable content to reach your potential customers. With her extensive knowledge of advertising platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, she can discern and capitalize on the most promising opportunities.


Please note that pricing for these services is determined based on your annual budget.

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