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Sex, Drugs

& Recovery

A Story of War, Oppression, Addiction & Thoughtful Writing in a Click-Bait World


At twenty-seven, Shannon Egan returns home after reporting news in Africa. The memories follow her there. To cope with flashbacks of genocide and war—and the pressure to conform in the cult-like Mormon community she’s returned to—she pops 20 opiates a day.  

Hope comes in the form of a new adventure: a book deal to detail her journey through Africa. But despite a life now in New York City and a job at the United Nations, the internal struggles persist—and she relapses hard. Returning home, Shannon finds herself stripping in a shady night club, arrested for multiple DUIs, and the newest resident of the Salt Lake County Jail.

Now an award-winning grant writer and advocate for the international recovery movement, Shannon shares her story of healing from religious oppression, PTSD, and drug and alcohol addiction; thoughtful writing in a click-bait world; and finding peace and one’s true calling.




award - winning writer &

Recovery advocate


Shannon Egan is the Author of No Tourists Allowed and Sex, Drugs & Recovery. She is a multiple time Award-Winning Grant Writer, raising over 4 million in funds for US-based nonprofit organizations.

Currently, she is a Marketing and Development Consultant for Addiction Recovery Organizations world-wide.  She is also a motivational speaker on 'Creativity in Recovery for Optimal Health and Well-Being'.  On YouTube, she hosts Create & CONQUER, a new Video Blog to provide support and inspiration for the passion projects and recovery of people all over the world. 

Previously, Shannon worked as a Journalist and Press Officer for the United Nations based in Africa and New York City.  Learn more...


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AUG 5  -   Las Vegas, NV  -  Emcee  -  2017 Gala for Recovery at Caesars Palace

SEPT 13 -  Las Vegas, NV -  Emcee -2017 Rally for Recovery at Las Vegas City Hall

OCT 23-26  -  Punta Gorda, FL  -  Keynote Speaker  -  Multiple Pathways of Recovery Conference

NOV 8 -10  -  North Carolina  -  Keynote Speaker  -  One Community in Recovery Conference

APRIL 19-21   North Carolina - Breakout Session - APNC Spring Conference


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