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Shannon Egan is an award-winning grant writer and marketing and communications professional. To date, she has raised nearly 3 million in funds for US-based addiction recovery organizations.  She has worked for the recovery community since 2013 and has launched various growth campaigns for USARA (Utah), Faces and Voices of Recovery (Washington DC), Foundation for Recovery (Las Vegas), Recovery Africa (Ghana), Generation Found (Greg Williams, The Anonymous People) and many more. See testimonials here. 

As a woman in long-term recovery, Shannon is passionate about helping organizations expand their reach, empower their local communities, and facilitate a positive conversation around addiction and recovery. She is offering affordable development, marketing and communications services for recovery organizations world-wide. Shannon encourages organizations to set their own prices for her services based on their budget.

She is the author of No Tourists AllowedSeeking Inner Peace in War-Torn Sudan. She is a professional and motivational speaker on 'Creativity in Recovery for Optimal Health and Well-Being' and 'Multiple Pathways of Recovery'. Previously, she worked as a freelance journalist and press officer for the United Nations based in Africa and New York City.


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Shannon's expertise includes technical writing and research on the subjects of mental health and substance use disorder prevention, treatment and recovery support services and gaps, as well as scientifically established behavioral health interventions. Discover some of her large-scale, award-winning proposals. 


web design & Development

Shannon specializes in data-driven, results-oriented creative design, custom development, and website implementation. She writes quality content to engage visitors, increase page views and visitor retention, and search engine marketing strategies to ensure key pages contain highly relevant keywords to boost rank in organic search engines. 


social media & search engine marketing

In today’s world, social media is a powerful tool to offset the sensational and demeaning mass media portrayals of people caught in addiction’s downward spiral. Through effective social media marketing, organizations can eliminate shame and secrecy, challenge deeply rooted social stigmas, and facilitate a positive conversation about addiction and recovery while sharing about their brand’s unique story.  


branding & graphic design

Branding is about appealing to your audience both intellectually and emotionally. To do so successfully requires a blend of creative brand strategy and insight on how to best educate, support, celebrate and advocate on behalf of recovery and your community. From event brochures to annual reports to infographics, Shannon's creative work is rooted in brand strategy that will empower your organization and community. 



Creativity is an evidence-based wellness practice proven as effective as peer support in enhancing a person's overall sense of well being. In this keynote and/or breakout presentation, Shannon will show - through her lived experience - how creativity is critical to helping individuals shift from a state of surviving to thriving.



Times are changing, and fundraising is evolving too. If you want to be successful, then your nonprofit’s fundraising approach needs to adapt and innovate. The stakes are high. If you stick to the same old same old strategies, you will probably see declining revenue and shrinking numbers of donors. It's time to grow your business so we can empower our recovery movement.