Grow Your Business = Grow the Movement

Shannon Egan on Good Morning Utah

Shannon discusses her work for recovery movement around the world. 

There is no better tool for advocacy and celebrating recovery from drug and alcohol addiction than effective internet marketing and development strategies.   Due to America's growing addiction crisis, now is the time to invest in an online approach that will support your business and the National Recovery Movement.       

Shannon Egan is currently offering affordable and innovative growth campaigns in order to help addiction recovery organizations expand their reach, and in turn, facilitate a positive conversation around America's addiction crisis.  Shannon believes that as a recovery community we can work together to infuse hope, eradicate shame, squash stigma, and educate the public about important policy issues. 

Shannon Egan, Marketing, Communications and Development

Shannon Egan is an author,   journalist, a talented strategist, and a marketing and communications professional. She is also a woman in long-term recovery, and an advocate for the National Recovery Movement.   Her expertise includes:

  • Grant writing (including SAMHSA grants)
  • Fundraising
  • Graphic Design
  • Video content
  • Web Design and Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Development

She has supported projects for Faces and Voices of Recovery in Washington DC, Foundation for Recovery in Las Vegas, Recovery Africa in Ghana, Generation Found, a film by Greg Williams, creator of The Anonymous People and many more. Previously, she worked as the Development Director for USARA, Utah's Recovery Community Organization. At USARA, Shannon was responsible for raising nearly $2.5 million across all sectors in two years, including writing USARA's award-winning SAMSHA Peer-to-Peer Expansion grant. Prior to this, she wrote for the United Nations in Africa and New York City.   As the Development Director for USARA, Shannon created a successful fundraising platform that placed USARA at the top of Utah's fundraising leaderboards two years in a row.  She is an expert in producing effective online fundraising campaigns.  



Shannon Egan is offering all addiction recovery organizations a free one hour marketing coaching session on topic of your choice, including SEO, social media, tracking pixels, creative ad content, subscriber strategy, fundraising strategy, etc.