No Tourists Allowed by Shannon Egan

For Shannon Egan, what began as a desperate bid to break from her strict religious upbringing and recover her sobriety—via a one-way ticket to Sudan, a country in the midst of genocide and civil war, and, due to Islamic law, seemingly alcohol-free—would evolve into a headlong plunge into the surreal politics of faith: the world of freelance journalism and nonprofit aid in a war zone, where big hearts and big talent compete to tell all the gory details, where children bring guns for class show-and-tell, AIDS-affected proudly proclaim their status, and a black market for hooch is hidden in plain sight.

No Tourists Allowed is a story of self-discovery leading outward. From her fight with alcoholism to the global media system that often puts in jeopardy the lives it wants to protect, Shannon sings of despair and celebration, relapse and recovery, and learning, finally, to love the unlovely.

Shannon discusses her book on Good Morning Utah. 

As warriors on Earth we’re here only to conquer our own perceptions so that they are beacons of love and compassion for everyone. In our own way we are all ships battling the harsh and lonely waters of life, desperate for a space to rest our weary heads and experience peace. By transforming our perceptions from judgement to love we transcend ourselves and heal the planet. This is our great work.

And so, my friends, let us heed the call.
— Shannon Egan, No Tourists Allowed
“I had so much shame over my past. But today I have five years in recovery, and I’m empowered by my story, which is why I wrote this book. I want others to know there is purpose and meaning in their struggle—no matter what. We all have light and dark within us. It really is okay to fail and go through dark times. We can overcome. We can persevere. In fact, we were born to.” 
— Shannon Egan, Good Morning Utah