"It's time to stop merely surviving in recovery.

It's time to thrive."

-Shannon Egan

 Creativity in Recovery for Optimal Health & Well- Being


Authentic creativity is vital to optimal health and well-being, and for Shannon Egan,  our talents and passion projects can only manifest into their fullest potential if we dare to tap into -and unleash – the Creative Genius within.  

A writer by trade, Shannon worked as a Journalist and Press Officer for the United Nations in Africa and New York City. From there, she landed a book contract with Fifi Oscard, a literary agency in New York City.  After losing her dream job and the book deal due to drug and alcohol addiction, Shannon ended up in jail with a felony DUI.   Fortunately now, she is celebrating over six years in recovery.

Today, Shannon is the author of No Tourists Allowed and a self-made social media star, utilizing  Cosplay and her Create & Conquer video series as a way of offering  a creative take on living in addiction recovery.  She is a talented grant writer and strategist, raising nearly $3,000,000 in funds for addiction recovery organizations around the world. She has designed innovative marketing campaigns and peer recovery support programs for USARA in Utah, Recovery Africa in Ghana, Faces & Voices in Washington, DC, Foundation for Recovery in Las Vegas, and more.  

Passionate about empowering individuals to channel their creative talents into successful projects, Shannon is a motivational speaker on 'Creativity in Recovery' to encourage and inspire individuals to tap into the Creative Genius within, but more importantly, how to become more daring and empowered in sharing their creative passions and insights for optimal health and well-being 

Creative Recovery Talking Points: 


– 1 –

    Creativity: What Is It? Why Is it Important & How Can it Help Us Shift from Surviving to Thriving? 

– 2 –

  Identifying Road Blocks & Strategies to Create & Conquer in Your Everyday Life

– 3 –

     Unleashing Your Creative Genius through Evidence-based 'play' Techniques

– 3 –

   5 Minute Daily Activities to Support the Success of Your Passion Projects