upcoming Author's Addiction Memoir Makes Waves Amongst readers and America's Recovery Community.

Recently, Shannon Egan joined Good Morning Utah to talk about her new book, No Tourists Allowed: Seeking Inner Peace and Sobriety in War-Torn Sudan.  The book covers her journey seeking inner peace and sobriety in Utah, where Egan grew up in a Mormon community, and war-torn Sudan, where she worked for two years as a freelance journalist for the United Nations. 

“I was an alcoholic for nearly fifteen years," Egan told Brian Carlson, newscaster for Good Morning Utah. "I have three DUIs, and at my lowest point I worked around town as a stripper. Eventually, I ended up in the Salt Lake County jail with a felony DUI.

 "I had so much shame about my past, which is why I'm passionate about this book. I hope it will help others find purpose and meaning in their struggle, and know for themselves that no matter what their story is, they have a place in our world, and healing and redemption are possible."

Vivid. Gripping. Thought-provoking.

 No Tourists Allowed is the ultimate solo travel adventure. Talented author, Shannon Egan, weaves through tough issues of addiction, ambition, spirituality, altruism, culture shock, and trauma with grace and honesty. Individuals who have never struggled with addiction will find her story completely relatable. It is a story of coming into oneself in a big, complex world.

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Readers have given No Tourists Allowed rave reviews , and the book was recently featured as a 'recovery resource' by Faces and Voices of Recovery, our nation's Recovery Community Organization based in Washington D.C.  Check it out for yourself: Read the first two chapters online for free. 

About the Author: Shannon Egan

Shannon Egan is an author, international freelance journalist, and advocate for addiction recovery. Egan currently works as the Development Director for USARA, Utah’s statewide Recovery Community Organization, and as a Recovery Advocate for the National Recovery Movement in order to reduce the stigma surrounding addiction as well as barriers to sustaining long-term recovery.  Previously, she wrote for the United Nations in Africa New York City.  

Despite training as a writer on humanitarian issues for the UN, Shannon prefers sharing her personal stories of addiction and recovery to infuse hope in those still struggling and spread the message that recovery is possible. Egan is available for interviews and appearances. For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and book-signings.



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I'm  excited to be apart of the Goodreads community. My travel narrative and  addiction memoir, No Tourists Allowed: Seeking Inner Peace and Sobriety in War-Torn Sudan has already received a handful of 5 star reviews on the site and been added to the 'must read' section of hundreds of Goodreads readers. 

To show my appreciation for this warm welcoming, I'll be running  a series of giveaways on Goodreads over the next couple of months. This will allow readers from around the world the chance to win one of twenty-five free paperback copies of No Tourists Allowed.

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No Tourists Allowed

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About No Tourists Allowed:  

For Shannon Egan, what began as a desperate bid to break from her strict religious upbringing and recover her sobriety—via a one-way ticket to Sudan, a country in the midst of genocide and civil war, and, due to Islamic law, seemingly alcohol-free—would evolve into a headlong plunge into the surreal politics of faith: the world of freelance journalism and nonprofit aid in a war zone, where big hearts and big talent compete to tell all the gory details, where children bring guns for class show-and-tell, AIDS-affected proudly proclaim their status, and a black market for hooch is hidden in plain sight.

No Tourists Allowed is a story of self-discovery leading outward. From her fight with alcoholism to the global media system that often puts in jeopardy the lives it wants to protect, Shannon sings of despair and celebration, relapse and recovery, and learning, finally, to love the unlovely.