Shannon Egan 'On Finding Inner Peace Podcast' with Chris Shea

In this episode Chris Shea interviews Shannon Egan, author and international advocate, talking about her latest book "No Tourists Allowed". In this podcast Shannon shares with us her addiction and recovery story, encouraging us to find our own recovery path. This episode is not only for those who suffer from addiction or who are in recovery, as her story is about transforming her life to finding freedom and inner peace. Her book can be found on Amazon. -Chris #wellness #personalgrowth #mindfulness #meditation #author#interview #podcast #empowerment #lifecoaching #takingcareofyourself #addiction #recovery

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Shannon Egan

Shannon Egan is an author, international journalist, and advocate for addiction recovery. Despite training as a writer on humanitarian issues for the United Nations, Shannon prefers sharing her personal stories of addiction and recovery to infuse hope in those still struggling and spread the message that recovery is possible.